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Bed & Breakfasts in Italy: The case of the Emilia-Romagna Region

di Teresa Branzaglia

Alma Mater Studiorum
Università di Bologna
School of Economics Management and Statistics
Campus Rimini
Second Cycle Degree Programme in Tourism Economics and Management
Relatore: Manuela Presutti
Anno Accademico: 2015/2016

3.2.4 - Business Definition

Villa Teresa focuses on giving the opportunity to nature lovers to try a new kind of experience (Table 7): a relaxing vacation in a place that looks like heaven, having rich breakfasts in the garden in summer and next to the chimney in winter, taking a bath in the big refreshing pool whenever they like, cycling around the countryside, playing tennis/volleyball/table tennis, and way more, at a real bargain price. We want to satisfy every target group and the application of the Abell Three Dimension Model helps us in understanding how to satisfy each segment and, as a consequence, meet our guests’ needs.

As a receptive structure, our product corresponds to a high- positioned B&B, which includes 3 double rooms with private bathrooms, a big kitchen, and a huge living room. In addition, on the outside we provide our guests with a swimming pool, a tennis/volleyball court, and an enclosure for dogs.

Table 7 Experiential business

B&B in Italy: the case of the Emilia Romagna - Immagine 14

This is the only business we will rely on and it serves the wide segment of people looking for a peaceful holiday in the countryside, with a genuine curiosity about the history and traditions of the place. Inside this category we find families with children, couples, single guests, and groups of friends. Their need is especially based on relaxation so they look for a calm and peaceful atmosphere. They also want to have fun visiting interesting sites nearby, spending money on good food and wine.

All these needs are satisfied by providing tourists with an adequate accommodation service, with cozy and brightly decorated interiors, spacious rooms, and a dreamy garden with all sorts of trees and flowers. The experience is also given by offering to the guests the possibility of going on a guided tour that we will arrange for them at a discounted price since we have an agreement with the association who organizes them.

Moreover, our offer is extremely child friendly, including a playground in the garden, children’s basin and changing table in the bathroom, electrical outlet covers in all areas, children’s books and crayons in the living room, differentiation of rates by age of children and, of course, name, phone, and address of pediatricians in the vicinity.