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Bed & Breakfasts in Italy: The case of the Emilia-Romagna Region

di Teresa Branzaglia

Alma Mater Studiorum
Università di Bologna
School of Economics Management and Statistics
Campus Rimini
Second Cycle Degree Programme in Tourism Economics and Management
Relatore: Manuela Presutti
Anno Accademico: 2015/2016

1.4.1 - Ireland

This Country is universally considered to be the homeland of the Bed & Breakfast. Many circuits of other nations have been inspired by the famous Irish hospitality for drawing up their own quality standards. Among the different existing associations grouping B&Bs in Ireland, the main ones are the “Town & Country Homes Association” and the “Irish Farm Holidays”, reported by the Irish Tourist Board, the national tourism body. The first one offers the possibility of staying at Irish families’ homes, in the city or in the countryside.

The structures are listed in an annual guide (Bed & Breakfast – Town & Country Homes Association – The personal touch) divided into seven touristic areas. Irish Farm Holidays, instead, gathers the Irish farms that offer hospitality to tourists, whether modern constructions or traditional Georgian buildings.

Both the Bed & Breakfasts included in the first association and the ones included in the second are characterized by the symbol of a clover on the sign outside the house, indicating that the structure meets the standards required by the Irish Tourist Board.