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After the success of the first edition, in thousands of Italian towns and locations, the Italian Bed and Breakfast offers tourists the opportunity to experience the warmest and friendly hospitality of Italians.

The B&B Day is the National Day celebrating the Italian B&B. From the Alps to the island of Lampedusa, over 12000 accommodation facilities are eager to give tourists a warmest welcome, in the best Italian tradition. If you book your weekend between March 2 and March 4, your stay on Saturday 3 is free.

Take advantage of this offer and find in every Italian town - in the sea or the mountain side, the big city or the small village - your very special Italian location. Friendliness, amiableness, and comfort are the cornerstone of each Italian B&B.

A great number of B&B's have partaken in the initiative promoted by www.bed-and-breakfast.it, the most important and well-known tourism portal specialized in the non-hotel accommodation and visited every year by millions of cybernauts worldwide.

Select your B&B with a simple click and find your most suitable option. A friendly person will welcome you and suggest the most delightful and intimate itinerary, the best restaurant and people. Choose B&B and discover a tourism that simply suits your needs.

This event is a greatest occasion for an in-depth understanding of this new and important reality, which has extensively transformed the context of accommodation in Italy. In the last five years the number of B&B's has dramatically increased thanks to many families who have equipped and opened their places to the traveller.

The B&B celebration will also be an opportunity for emphasizing the importance of the role of B&B's in Italy through the data from "B&B ITALY REPORT" resulting from a vast inquiry carried out within our network.

An Italian B&B Decalogue has been compiled on the occasion of the B&B Day - The ten ground rules to travel and feel at home. Have a go and vote your Italian B&B.

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(find here our commercial video in Italian). Here you can find pure bed and breakfasts and other kinds of accommodation, like boarding houses, inns, country houses, tourist rentals, family run hotels. This is because in Italy B&Bs are subject to specific legal and economic restrictions, but there are also other kinds of family managed accommodation that cannot legally use the "B&B" name. In our listing you will find the exact appellation for each property, and if you click it you will find all its specific features.
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