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Bed and Breakfast near Naturalistic Museum

3 Properties found
Prices calculated for 1 night (today's date) for 2 guests
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b&b corso roma
Bed & Breakfast

B&B Corso Roma

Apricena (FG) - far 12 Km from Naturalistic Museum
En-suite bathroom
Breakfast included
1 night, 2 guests
Very good 8.9 / 10 (4)
Other properties near Naturalistic Museum. They might be unavailable, not respond to availability requests, or cancel your reservation, or prices may not be updated.
Holiday House

Casa Alexina

Lesina (FG) - far 160 Mt from Naturalistic Museum
4 bedrooms
Entire accommodation
Breakfast included
Pets Allowed
1 night, 2 guests
Bed & Breakfast

Poesia B&B

Lesina (FG) - far 385 Mt from Naturalistic Museum
En-suite bathroom
Breakfast included
Free Wifi
1 night, 2 guests
Very good 9 / 10 (11)