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Small Villages Holidays in B&B

This section is dedicated to hospitality in “Little Italy”, the least known, tucked away in hundreds of small villages that are the foundation of the country’s priceless heritage.
Liveable, with their urban fabric untouched, their architectural harmony, and providing residents and guests great services. These are just some of the reasons that persuade visitors to opt for a holiday in Italian villages each year.
They may be at the sea, perched in the mountains, or nestling on the plains but villages are al magical places whose beauty has been consolidated over the centuries and where time seems to stand still.
Squares, fortresses, castles, churches, monasteries, towers, festivals, typical products, landscapes: a list of the ingredients that make up a holiday in Italy’s villages, priceless pieces of a lovely mosaic.
In this section you’ll find a list of the B&Bs located in the most beautiful villages in Italy.