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Medieval Museum Fossanova

The museum opened in 2001 and was conceived as being a Medieval Museum that was in the Middle Ages, thus re-proposing moments of medieval life in the suggestive surroundings offered by the ancient 12th century Cistercian Foresteria or Guesthouse in Fossanova. This is a grand and unique atmosphere that brings for the majesty of the hall, equal to any of the buildings in the Abbey complex. The museum display begins the second phase of the history of Privernum. At the beginning of the Middle Ages, the inhabitants began to shift the location and alter the character of the Roman city that from now known as Piperno. The history of these changes have only recently begun to re-emerge, as a result of the most recent excavations of the Archaeological Area Privernum. Above all in this place, one can better comprehend and admire many examples of the daily life from that time, especially the fine sculptures and images from medieval cathedral of the ancient city. After Privernum, the museum presents us Fossanova, showing us the architecture of the Abbey complex and the aspects of the Cistercian monks’ way of life. The monastic buildings are reproduced in large and intimate models that illustrate the life that took place within. These are accompanied by the exposition of objects of daily life and of precious elements from the original liturgical furnishings of the abbey’s church.
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