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Bed & Breakfasts, Holiday Farms, Guest Houses, Holiday Homes, Accommodations, Apartments, Inns, Hostels, Country Houses and Cheap Stays in Italy!

Monsters of B&B

In fatto di B&B siamo dei mostriBed-and-Breakfast.it is the main portal for holiday accommodation in Italy.
It contains 10715 different tourist accommodations [mainly B&B, but also Guest Houses, Country Houses, Inns, Holiday Homes, Apartments, and small hotels].
It counts more than ten million visitors every year (in constant growth).
More than a million requests of information or bookings are submitted every year (in constant growth).


On www.bed-and-breakfast.it you find the lowest prices.
In fact, Bed-and-Breakfast.it does not request the payment of a commission from its clients, who can continue to operate their usual prices. Differing from other websites offering online booking, no charges apply.

Visit our section [ LAST MINUTE ].

B&B style

B&B styleAccording to our survey, 50% of users of B&B prefer it because of its low cost. Which seems quite fair, if you see the prices of other types of accommodation. The other 50% chooses it because of its friendly atmosphere."Convenient prices" does not mean "poor quality".
In most cases, mass tourism hinders a real cultural exchange between the travellers and the people who live and work in the hosting countries. This is why more and more people feel, when travelling, the need to establish genuine human relationships and enter in close contact with the lifestyle of the land that hosts them. To stay in a Bed and Breakfast is, then, a unique opportunity to experience and share the lifestyle of the hosting family or Country.

Read the DECALOGUE of Italian B&Bs.

B&B sweet B&B

B&B dolce B&BA rich breakfast first, and then off to enjoy sightseeing. But do not forget lunch! This is one thing that the B&B cannot offer.
No worries! On their brochures, all B&B managers will recommend a suitable place where to eat. Plenty of restaurants, trattorias, bars and local eateries, that they frequent regularly, are at hand, with a special discount where an agreement with the accommodation is in effect.
When the sign "Segnalato da Bed-and-Breakfast.it" (recommended by Bed-and-Breakfast.it) is shown at the entrance, that restaurant, trattoria, pub, etc. has been visited and recommended by the manager of one of the B&Bs present in this portal. You may not find a Michelin star standard (you never know for sure!), but you will certainly find the best quality-price ratio.

B&B, at home everywhere

B&B, una casa in ogni porto10715 homes available for you in all Italy: Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Turin, Palermo... and in every other, even the smallest, town!
A B&B has lots of positive aspects. First of all, is the economic convenience, thanks to which everybody can access and enjoy longer holidays. Secondly, due to its low cost management (it is much of a family business), a B&B can be found even in those places where opening an expensive hotel is hazardous.
Thus, thanks to a B&B, even the remotest parts of the Country, after the most important ones, can be accessed.


We have tried to make Bed-and-Breakfast.it as more practical as we could. You can go different ways to find the B&B that suits you.

  1. HYERARCHICAL SEARCH - Click on the region, and then on the province and the town of your choice.

  2. SEARCH THE SATELLITE MAPS - Do you want to see where exactly your accommodation is located? In which street? Use our search the map, enter the address and the town of your choice, and the system will show you directly on the map the accommodations located in that area. Click on the blue bullet points to see all the information about an accommodation.

  3. FULL TEXT SEARCH - Enter your keywords in the provided field at the top of each page and click the button: SEARCH A B&B. The system will search the keyword inside each B&B description. This is the less recommended method.

  4. ADVANCED AND PROXIMITY SEARCH - It helps users who want to find accommodations located in the proximity to a monument, hospital, stadium, amusement parks, etc., or specific services: swimming-pool, access for disabled, etc.