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Overall Rating 9.2 / 10
31 reviews
Property: 8 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9 | Breakfast: 9
The property was situated in the centre of the old town, very clean and comfortable and plenty of amenities in the room. The host was very helpful and very informative.
stayed from 09/14/2019 to 09/17/2019
Property: 8 | Cleaning: 6 | Host: 7 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 7 | Breakfast: 5
A nice house in a lovely position for seeing the upper city. The room did smell a bit "Doggy"? The breakfast was a bit disorganised and there are only 4 seats at a time. The host was very helpful but we did not have wifi at first, he came and rebooted system apparently this is a quite common issue he told us. Lucky he was around.
stayed from 06/27/2019 to 06/28/2019
The answer from the host:
Dear Nigel Thank you for your kind review. About your two easy query: The room is always clean and do not smell since no pets are allowed here. About wifi: it works perfectly, we have told you just that the router, after 3 weeks running 24 hours, had to be re started again and the signal returned to be efficient as usual Our breakfast service is not desorganize, we just ask to any guest to indicate a time for breakfast to avoid that all guests got filled the breakfast room at the same time: Thank you and come back another time All the best Gianmauro.
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 8 | Host: 9 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 7 | Breakfast: 10
Our stay was perfect in the heart of Bergamo Città Alta with a friendly host and lovely breakfast and even possibility to rest in the sun in the backyard. Bell ringing from nearby duomo contributed to the nice atmosphere. Absolutely recommend for a weekend retreat.
stayed from 03/29/2019 to 04/01/2019
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 8 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9 | Breakfast: 9
Excellent position. The ground floor apartment where we stayed is equipped with everything including kitchen, and all appliances are in good condition. The host is extremely helpful and careful.
stayed from 11/19/2017 to 11/20/2017
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 10
This is a real gem in a perfect location in the very beautiful old part of Bergamo. Our host was so welcoming and charming and he gave us very helpful advice. The apartment is atmospheric and comfortable and we will happily recommend this property. Our visit was too rushed and we pto return one day.
stayed from 10/14/2017 to 10/15/2017
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 10
Casa Mario Lupo is an ideal mix of opposites in several ways: The Athena & Zeus room where we stayed felt like a real home, with a eat-in kitchen and private balcony where we could hear the sounds of Italian families preparing meals in other apartments around the courtyard—but it also had the advantages of a hotel, with an excellent breakfast served in the beautiful garden on the third floor and the solicitous attention of Gianmauro. As a host, Gianmauro is also an excellent blend of deep knowledge about his native city and help with practical matters. The house itself is a blend of untouched originals like the frescoes on the ceiling and modern conveniences like the modern bathroom and excellent wifi. The location is also the mix we wanted: mere steps from the main piazza, but quiet tranquility once you retreat behind the house gates. The church bells start at 7:30 in the morning, which is when we wanted to be up and taking advantage of every moment in such a beautiful place, and stopped well before bedtime. Gianmauro directed us to some of the Bergamo beauties we’d have missed if we’d only followed our guide books and his recommendations for restaurants were just what we wanted. We took advantage of the kitchen one night to enjoy a picnic we’d picked up from the wonderful shops on the main street. We particularly enjoyed a place that sells Sicilian street food. Since it was unusually hot, even for July, we appreciated the large fan which kept us very comfortable at night. We would stay here again in a heartbeat.
stayed from 07/15/2017 to 07/20/2017
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 10
My stay at Casa Mario Lupo was fabulous. The location is excellent (although the lengthy church bells are interesting early in the morning!), my room was classically old world yet modern enough, and restaurants and major sites were steps away or easily accessible by the nearby funiculare and buses. But the thing that made my stay unforgettable was the host, Gianmauro. I was visiting Bergamo to see a soccer game the first night and there was a mix-up with the ticket agency not delivering my ticket on time. Because of that, I was very late in arriving and had to hurry to see the game. Gianmauro went above and beyond, printing out my ticket (which my other hotel had scanned and emailed to him) and helping me with directions to and from the stadium. He was extremely kind and I very much appreciated his thoughtfulness. He also explained everything about the B&B and showed me a lovely book with the history of the city and building. Breakfast was also quite lovely. He brought it to my room each morning at an agreed time and it was different every day and quite filling. A wonderful visit and I highly recommend Casa Mario Lupo.
stayed from 04/28/2017 to 05/01/2017
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10
Casa Mario Lupo is the perfect place to stay for anyone visiting Bergamo. As far as the price and location of the property, Casa Mario Lupo cannot be beat. It is a clean, lovely, charming guesthouse situated about a 30 second walk from the main street running through the Città Alta. You are right in the center of everything! It is also about a two minute walk from the Funicular, which takes you to the Città Bassa. What I liked the most about Casa Mario Lupo, however, was its authenticity. The entire guesthouse as well as each of its rooms is unique and has a great deal of character – way better than staying in any hotel. My husband and I stayed in the small apartment on the ground floor (which was actually not small at all!). It was the perfect accommodation for two people and we had everything we could have possibly needed for our stay. There was a well-equipped kitchen, a shower that ran hot water with excellent water pressure, a little table for sharing a meal or just sitting and having coffee. The icing on the cake, as they say, is the host of Casa Mario Lupo himself. Gianmauro is an absolutely lovely man, and will do anything he can to make sure you stay is comfortable and that you will experience the best of Bergamo. Each morning he welcomes you to breakfast in the garden and presents you with coffee, tea and breakfast. We even had cake one morning homemade by his wife.:) Staying at Casa Mario Lupo is the best way to stay in Bergamo, and I highly recommend choosing it a home base during any visit to this charming city.
stayed from 08/20/2016 to 08/22/2016
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10
The Casa Mario Lupo is the perfect place to stay when visiting Bergamo. It is very close to the main squares and all the sights but also incredibly quiet. We spent two nights in the Venus and Saturne apartment which was such a lovely place to stay, it is so full of character. There was everything we wanted and we loved sitting in the garden, relaxing after sightseeing. Gianmauro was very helpful and being met at the airport, for the standard fee, made a relaxing start to our stay. Breakfast was good and there were plenty of places to eat lunch and dinner nearby or get a take away. I would certainly stay here again if we come back to Bergamo and would recommend it to my friends.
stayed from 09/13/2014 to 09/15/2014
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10
Beautiful, excellent location, caring and personal host - what more can we say?
stayed from 09/08/2014 to 09/10/2014
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10
An excellent holiday property in an excellent location with an excellent host. What more can you want? Breakfast in the garden (weather permitting), many restaurants virtually on the doorstep and lots of good walks without the need for public transport. We had a fabulous holiday. Thank you to Gianmauro.
stayed from 09/01/2014 to 09/05/2014
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 9 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9
We liked our stay in Bergamo at casa Mario Lupo very much. We were warmly welcomed by the manager who was helpful with information. The apartment is uniquely situated in the center of Bergamo.
stayed from 08/03/2014 to 08/05/2014
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 9 | Host: 10 | Location: 9 | Price/Quality: 9
We had a nice stay. Beautiful apartment, good breakfast and nice manager. Wifi didn't always do it and the church bells woke us op early in the morning, but everything else was very positive.
stayed from 06/19/2014 to 06/22/2014
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9
We loved our 3 nights in the Venere & Saturno apartment in an historic house in the heart of old Bergamo (Città Alta). Cannot get a better location. Our queen size bed in the bedroom alcove was the most comfortable bed in our 3 weeks in Italy. The apartment had 3 twin beds on an upper loft area, with ample space for a family. The dining room was a good size with a big table. Charming wrap around style balcony overlooks the inner courtyard of the building. Bathroom nicely equipped with additional features, like clothes washing machine, large wash tub, bathtub with shower. There is a small outdoor clothesline accessible from the bathroom window. The kitchen is tiny, but it is equipped with basic items for food prep and service. We chose to dine in Bergamo's excellent restaurants, but you could use the dining table for food prep and make meals in the apartment. Breakfast was very good, including the usual breads, yogurt, juice, coffee or tea plus egg omelette. Either in the cozy reception area or outdoor garden area; breakfast was very enjoyable. The family managing the apartments is lovely. Gianmauro provides excellent service and takes the time to chat with guests. He provided pick up/drop off to train station, for a fee, which is standard practice. We hope to return to Bergamo and explore more of Lombardy. We would stay in Casa Mario Lupo again and recommend it to other travellers.
stayed from 05/11/2014 to 05/14/2014
Property: 8 | Cleaning: 8 | Host: 1 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 5 | Breakfast: 3
Parce qu'il y a indiqué sur le site - parking & wifi - j'ai réservé pour une nuit le 16 juin dernier à - Casa Maria Lipo - quand j'ai demandé où garer ma voiture, le gérant m'a envoyé chez un amis propriétaire d'un là surprise il m'a été demandé 15 €...Bingo ! Quand j'en ai fait la remarque au gérant, il m'a répondu que ce n'était pas indiqué gratuit...(J'ai l'habitude de voyager, quand le parking est payant, c'est indiqué). Le gérant devenu très vite plus que désagréable m'a dit que c'était comme cela, point barre ! Je lui ai demander de me laisser parler pour argumenter, il m'a répondu que j'avais déjà parlé, qu'il était dans son droit, et que de toutes les façons si je n'était pas contant...Il était avocat ??? Fin de la discution. Quand au wifi, existant, mais pas de réseau. Pour terminer cette expérience mémorable, le petit déjeuner, royal comme le décrivent certains commentaires, ce n'était que frugal. J'ai bénéficié d'un croissant de la veille + 2 petits taosts très secs + une demie théière d'eau chaude + un jus d'orange basique + beurre et confiture pour une douzaine de tosts. C'est ma première expériences de la sorte pour un établissement référencé sur B&B Italia. Comme il ne faut pas être totalement négatif, il faut reconnaître la situation exceptionnelle de la structure...dans le coeur du centre historique de la ville haute de Bergame.
stayed from 06/16/2021 to 06/17/2021
The answer from the host:
Caro Patrice Grazie per l’ottima recensione ricevuta: Riguardo al parcheggio non hai ben capito questa situazione: la Casamariolupo non dispone di una nostra privata gratuita, e questo fatto ti doveva essere ben chiaro fin dall’inizio, e questo errore di valutazione iniziale o di mancata lettura delle condizioni della struttura ricade sulla tua persona e sulle tue idea sbagliata che qui esiste un parcheggio gratuito; dove avessi letto questa cosa della gratuità del parcheggio ti ho invitato a provare, cosa che invece tu non hai fatto. Il garage San Pancrazio è una struttura convenzionata al prezzo fisso di 15 euro per 24 hore L’alternativa è il parcheggio pubblico (area blu) con tariffa oraria; essendo arrivato alle 18 potevi lasciare la tua auto fuori dal garage senza pagare 15 ma pagando solo 4 euro nel parcheggio pubblico, evitando di fare tutta questa sceneggiata. La cosa sorprendente è che dopo averti spiegato al telefono questa situazione mentre parcheggiavi, la mattina successiva mentre ti stavo servendo la colazione, hai iniziato immediatamente una seconda polemica molto aggressiva e poco educata Siccome faccio questo lavoro da 12 anni, ho visto e gestito migliaia di clienti e affrontato problematiche differenti, mai mi era capitato di affrontare una persona così testarda e poco ragionevole. Soprattutto mi hai criticato per una questione che neppure ci riguarda cioè un servizio esterno e la tassa di soggiorno dovuta al Comune di Bergamo Mi raccomando la prossima volta meno insipienza e più umiltà e vedrai che le cose saranno migliori Un cordiale saluto Gianmauro.
Property: 8 | Cleaning: 8 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9 | Breakfast: 9
alix rated this property but he didn't leave any comment
stayed from 05/06/2018 to 05/07/2018
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 9 | Host: 9 | Location: 9 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 8
L'établissement a une situation privilégiée; proche de tout et quand-même très calme. Le propriétaire est au petit soin avec ses hôtes; une hospitalité absolument exemplaire. C'est un endroit très recommendable.
stayed from 06/16/2017 to 06/18/2017
Property: 6 | Cleaning: 8 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9 | Breakfast: 7
olga rated this property but he didn't leave any comment
stayed from 07/24/2019 to 07/26/2019
The answer from the host:
Muchas gracias Olga Hasta la proxima visita en Bergamo para ver el partido de la Champions League Ciao.
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 9 | Host: 8 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 5
ruedi rated this property but he didn't leave any comment
stayed from 09/09/2021 to 09/10/2021
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 9 | Host: 9 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9 | Breakfast: 10
stayed from 07/26/2021 to 07/27/2021
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9 | Breakfast: 9
Disponibilità e cortesia.
stayed from 05/01/2021 to 05/02/2021
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 8 | Host: 9 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 8 | Breakfast: 9
B&B collocato a Bergamo Alta, comodissimo per girare la città vecchia. Edificio storico, ben ristrutturato. Buon rapporto qualità prezzo.
stayed from 09/18/2019 to 09/19/2019
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 10
ettore rated this property but he didn't leave any comment
stayed from 09/06/2019 to 09/07/2019
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 9 | Host: 8 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 9 | Breakfast: 7
Nel complesso un'ottimo soggiorno.
stayed from 05/19/2019 to 05/22/2019
Property: 7 | Cleaning: 8 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 8
Il B&B è situato nel cuore della Città Alta in un Palazzo Storico ben ristrutturato. Il proprietario ci ha accolto come un perfetto padrone di casa, dandoci consigli utili sul soggiorno. Ci ritorneremo sicuramente.
stayed from 02/23/2019 to 02/24/2019
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 7
Ideale per un soggiorno romantico e rilassante, arredi di pregio, pulizia ed estrema disponibilità del proprietario. Inserita in pieno centro perfetta per visitare con calma la città alta. Ricordare per chi viene in auto di richiedere al gestore il permesso ZTL.
stayed from 02/09/2019 to 02/10/2019
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 9 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 7
Struttura molto bella e che ha conservato la particolarità del posto in cui è posta con il giusto comfort. Tutto molto bello e adeguato, eventualmente ma giusto se si vuole fare una puntualizzazione, si potrebbe lasciare qualche bustina di tè (magari non l'ho trovata io ma c'era). Gentilezza cortesia bellezza della struttura, pulizia, non mancava davvero nulla.
stayed from 12/24/2018 to 12/25/2018
Property: 10 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10 | Breakfast: 9
A very charming and comfortable bed and breakfast in the centre of Bergamo Città Alta. Clean, spacious rooms, quiet accommodation despite being so central. The owner Gianmauro is welcoming and helpful with any questions. This was our second time staying here and will do so again I am sure.
stayed from 07/16/2017 to 07/17/2017
Property: 8 | Cleaning: 8 | Host: 10 | Location: 9 | Price/Quality: 8 | Breakfast: 9
Ottima struttura, in pieno centro, casa del 1500, buona gestione da parte della proprietà, disponibilità e gentilezza.
stayed from 05/13/2017 to 05/14/2017
Property: 9 | Cleaning: 10 | Host: 10 | Location: 10 | Price/Quality: 10
Appartamento incantevole con un servizio molto curato.
stayed from 04/17/2017 to 04/21/2017
Property: 7 | Cleaning: 9 | Host: 9 | Location: 8 | Price/Quality: 9
maria rated this property but he didn't leave any comment
stayed from 09/30/2016 to 10/02/2016