Via Piccola Del Teatro Santa Cecilia, 5 - PALERMO (PA)
"Quattro Canti di città" (or Ottangolo, or also Teatro del Sole) is the name given to the open space - Piazza Vigliena - formed by the intersection of Corso Vittorio Emanuele with Via Maqueda. In this place, where the four seventeenth-century quarters of the city meet, where the sun dances from sunrise to sunset, Palermo had its own gravity center. Here there was the fulcrum of city life, a place for walking and hanging around; here they information about shows, events and happenings conveyed and spread; here workers and servants gathered in search of work and masters to serve.

A constant coming and going, from all sides and in all directions has always characterized the square. Yesterday and today. The nerve center of the historic center of Palermo, an indispensable destination for tourists and visitors, "Piazza dei Quattro Canti" represents the ideal starting point for any exploratory route in the city.

It is to this place Quattro Incanti reconnects; a base in the historic center, easily accessible, dedicated to those who choose Palermo for their trip in Sicily.

500 meters from Piazza Quattro Canti, right next to Real Teatro Santa Cecilia (the oldest in the city), Quattro Incanti is located in a late eightteenth-century building, which looks onto the elegant Via Roma, on one side, on the Piazza Teatro Santa Cecilia, on the other, with access from via Piccola del Teatro Santa Cecilia n ° 5.
*Declared by the Innkeeper