Via Salita Delle Erbe, 10 - RAGUSA (RG)
ChocoHouse is the first sicilian accommodation thought to satisfy the pleasure of the chocolate lovers and to make them discover every little details about this precious ingredient. This little B&B was born in Ragusa Ibla, one of the best baroque example ever known, and there is a reason behind this smart choice: the ancient chocolate traditions, brought from the Spanish who conquered this Sicilian area, are strictly linked and well acknowledged across the Ragusa Ibla zone. ChocoHouse has been created modernizing an old house built at the beginning of ‘900 where all the costumers can enjoy an unique view over the baroque city tasting, trying and finding out by all the 5 senses why this inestimable brown bar is capable of rising interest abroad, so coming to ChocoHouse helps tourists to remember, once they come back home, not only what they visited, the type of landscape they have been enjoying or what they have been eating, but also the feeling in realizing how amazing a trip like this could be.
*Declared by the Innkeeper