Via Sant'Ambrogio, 5
The Antico Borgo Bed & Breakfast occupies two of the three floors of a recently restored 18th century palace located in front of a parish church in the historic town of Laconi. From 1849, this was the home of the theologist, poet and writer Sebastiano Musu who was the local priest for many years.

The Bed & Breakfast occupies two of the three floors of the building: on the first floor we can find the three air-conditioned rooms; on the ground floor, there is an ample and elegant living room with a fireplace where guests enjoy a healthy breakfast that includes seasonal fresh fruit, hot beverages (coffee, milk, tea), a selection of freshly squeezed juices, fresh-baked breads and cakes with jams and preserves, honey, butter and natural/ fruit yoghurt.

Just a stone’s throw away, guests can take a stroll in a beautiful park and the interesting archeological museum. Also worth a visit are the picturesque surroundings of Laconi.

Laconi is a beautiful town at the foot of the Barbagia mountains, in the Sarcidano region of Italy.

The beauty of its park and the extraordinary archeological sites, rare botanical plants, and its historic status as the birthplace of Saint Ignatius of Laconi, make this location one of the most important towns of Sardinia.

Religion is something the entirely community participates in, as can be seen the country fairs of Saint Antonio and Saint Daniel.

Another important regional attraction the fair of the “Mercato del Cavallo” in June.

Laconi is surrounded by places of great historical and natural interest such as the Giara di Gesturi and the Nuraghe di Barumini.

A short distance away, on the west side, one can admire the splendid beaches of the Oristanese coast; on the opposite side we can find the important archeological site of the Nuraghe Arrubu di Orroli.
Declared by the Innkeeper