Strada Fabbrici e Ville, 92
San Silvestro, SENIGALLIA (AN)
The country house is situated on one of the gently-sloped hills in the Marche region. Being surrounded by farm land and located in an area of faunal repopulation, we can assure that silence is its main characteristic.

Its name, ?Grano e le Stelle? ? ?Wheat and the S". @tars?, derives from the surrounding wheat fields and from the blue sky above where, on clear nights, you can look for stars and constellations, find strong ancestral ties and fortify both body and spirit.

Location, climate, the short distance from the sea, history, sports facilities and a nearby stable: these all contribute to helping you find yourself at ease as well as fortify yourself by dedicating your time to taking walks or riding a mountain bike, or to archeological, scenic naturalistic and cultural excursions. In addition, you can have a sun cure or take a dip in the Adriatic Sea.

The Relais has three rooms which are as charming as their names: ?l?alba? – ?dawn? is painted yellow, ?il vespro? ? ?dusk? is painted red and ?il tramonto? – ?sunset? is painted blue. They all have bathrooms and are furnished with a sober elegance which conforms to its tradition.
Declared by the Innkeeper