Via G. Zanetti, 53 - SAN ZENO DI MONTAGNA (VR)
Regione Veneto - CIR - Codice Identificativo Regionale: 023079-LOC-00192 / 023079-LOC-00193 / 023079-LOC-00194
We are 10 minutes from Garda Lake.

We offer two apartments, both with garden, terrace, garden table.

Parking is in the garden, closed by gate.

We are at 580 meters of elevation, 300 meters from the center of San Zeno di Montagna.

We rent in respect of the Deliberation of the Regional Council of Regione Veneto n. 419 of 31 March 2015:
[It is confirmed that it is "Locazione Turistica (tourism rent) " within the meaning of Article 1 of Law 9 December 1998, n. 431, as indicated by the regional law 30 December 2014, n. 45, Article 3, that one realized into an accommodation, not open to the public, without the provision of services; it can however only be delivered the following additional services at location:
1. electricity supply, hot and cold water, gas and possibly the heating / air conditioning;
2. housing maintenance, repair and replacement of damaged furnishings and equipment;
3. cleaning of rooms at every guest change, and, if requested, provision of linens, including that ones for bathroom, both exclusively at every guest change. ]
*Declared by the Innkeeper