Contrada Bosco Falconeria Ss 113 Km 318.200, Snc - PARTINICO (PA)
The Baglio della Luna is situated on 15 acres of Mediterranean landscape between Palm trees, vineyards and wheat fields. Located in the province of Palermo in an area once called partheniafores, today Partinico, the Bagliodella Luna after a careful restoration has been ripped to oblivion of time and transformed into a charming historic residence.

The magic of the stone is one of the fundamental components of the Baglio della Luna, which is a typical nineteenth-century baglio, result of various influences that different people dominators have had in shaping our region predominantly rural architecture. The Baglio della Luna is an ancient fortress of clear Arabic influence that dominated the lands of the Lords of the past and where they were located warehouses for commodities and the homes of peasants. The original style of the structure has been maintained not neglecting the comfort and elegance of the rooms.

The Baglio della Luna offers comfortable standard rooms, junior suites and stylish exclusivesuites. All rooms are furnished in a Sicilian style revisited and each room differs for colors and furnishings.

Not far from Baglio della Luna is situated our guesthouse, called Borgo degli Angeli, where is located modern our swimming pool, solarium and relaxation areas, are all surrounded by a beautiful garden where you can admire the beautiful scenery of vineyards Sicilians.

A unique setting for a holiday at the Baglio della Luna, and in our land of sun, sea and culture.
*Declared by the Innkeeper