Via Regina Elena, 39 - CINISI (PA)
Welcome to Cinisi and Terrasini..

Cinisi and Terrasini are two different countries but so close that they almost touch each other.

They are located a few meters from each other, a few miles from the airport Falcone and Borsellino and just over 40 minutes drive from the center of Palermo.

together they complete, offering those who visit the sea and the mountains, beautiful beaches, nature reserves, watch towers, good restaurants and bars, popular traditions still alive, excellent cheeses, a small marina with some fishing boats, sunsets and views beautiful.

About 25, 000 people live in Cinisi and Terrasini, and during the summer the inhabitants are joined by tourists and tourists who animate the square and the main course of the two countries. Still out of the main tourist guides on Sicily, Terrasini and Cinisi have not yet been touched by mass tourism and therefore lend themselves to being explored and enjoyed in peace.

The coasts and beaches are perfect for windsurfing, sailing, diving etc. For those who love trekking, from Cinisi you can easily reach Piano Margi where the cinisara cow grazes.

Near Terrasini there is a nature reserve managed by the WWF (Capo Rama) and the surrounding hills are ideal for trekking and cycling, although even the D'Aumale museum and its archaeological, folk and naturalistic finds deserve a visit.

Cinisi on the other hand boasts a popular sandy beach, Magaggiari, ideal for families and hilly and mountainous hills perfect for trekking.
*Declared by the Innkeeper