Via C. Pavese, 7
Villa dipped in the green in a relaxant atmosphere. A vacation to Villa Victoria allows to enjoy a beach still incontaminata, of a clean and blue sea, from which it tos be distant approximately 250 meters and of the natural beauties of the valley of the distant Amendolea only little kilometers. The mild climate, the cultural routes tourist of the grecanica area (Gallicianò, Bova, Locri, Gerace) the traditional gastronomia, the typical hospitality of the Greeks of Calabria makes of Villa Victoria an ideal structure for being able to pass one vacation to the standard of the tranquillity and the good kitchen. The villa arranges to the advanced plan of a double room, a single one, a bath, one knows it first breakfast with tv and angle baking very equipped, one wide veranda-solarium with I point out on the sea. To the downstairs a double room, a bath is found, one knows it first breakfast with fireplace and tv. A fresh garden encircles the villa. In the heart of the calabrian grecanità, to the slopes of the mount Hulls it rises Condofuri, center of the Common and first city, rich nucleus of uliveti and citrus groves, with the exposed rooms in sunlight and the narrow lanes that meet all back the public square “the Agorà”. The greater interest for the visitor however is the two fractions of Condofuri Marina, Gallicianò and Amendolea. In order to arrive to Gallicianò” the more Greek country of Italy “, defined “the Acropoli of the Magna Greece” it is crossed “dromo” covered from curves and strapiombi. It is arrived to the first poor cardboard houses “vucita”, and endured after some kilometer it is reached, Gallicianò that appears suddenly. To Gallicianò one speaks to the Greek the uses perfectly and the customs are directly sons of an ancient Greek culture that predominated this zone of the Calabria. All it is not Greek to Gallicianò, pregevole statue of XVI the Sec. and two christening fonts of 1508 and 1683 are the church with one. The Amendolea fraction, anch'essa culturally Greek, is found in extraordinary position and guards a medioevale atmosphere with a castle normanno that conserve the merlati massive walls and the churches of the Announced one, of saint Caterina and San Sebastiano, all of origin bizantina. To 13 km from the nucleus they centers rises Condofuri Marina, laughing center carefullied lay down on the sea, been born around to years '50.
Declared by the Innkeeper