Via San Materno, 9 B - Cuirone, VERGIATE (VA)
The apartment is in Cuirone, a quiet village surrounded by the greenery of the Ticino Park, 15 km away. from Malpensa and 10 minutes from Lake Maggiore. It is furnished with care and originality, with kitchenette, large veranda, air conditioning and WIFI, free parking at 30 m. The owner lives opposite and is always available.

Due to the emergency for the Covid-19 virus, we believe it useful to give you some additional information on how we prepare to welcome you.

The pre and post stay cleaning and sanitization operations are carried out by the owner with suitable materials and products as recommended by WHO (World Health Organization) and by local authorities. Between one stay and another, the 72-hour deadline between departure and arrival of new guests is respected during this period.

The daily cleaning of the house is carried out according to the practice by the guests, who have available materials and products for cleaning, containers and bags suitable for the separate collection of waste. The periodic emptying, removal and cleaning of the containers are instead carried out exclusively by the owner with the appropriate precautions.

Sanitizing gel and disposable gloves for the home are provided free of charge. We trust the guests' personal sense of responsibility and recommend that you follow the precautionary health guidelines correctly: - wear a mask, (everyone, including children over 6 years) - outside always keep the interpersonal distance of at least one meter - wash your hands often and avoid touching your face, nose and eyes. We ask guests to provide their own necessary masks for the duration of the stay but, if requested in time, the owner can provide surgical disposable masks after reimbursement of the expense.

For any other information you need, we are available.
*Declared by the Innkeeper