Via Arno, 37a - ORVIETO (TR)
We are located at the feet of the Cliff of Orvieto side on which stands the medieval district, view from the "Terrace", one km from the center.

The Bed and Breakfast is located in the highest part of Sferracavallo, a village that is about 1 km from Orvieto. With his back to the rest of the country, "the terrace" overlooking the countryside at the foot of the cliff, with over the oldest part of the city. Evening view from the "terrace", seems a small crib. In our B&B you can choose according to your needs:
simply an intimate room with bath and breakfast
1 "White Room" for a short holiday or weekend intimate room with bath and breakfast.

2 ° Double bedroom + small bedroom with 2 single beds, bathroom with shower and use living room-kitchen.

All this for a stay in a familiar and comfortable.
*Declared by the Innkeeper