Via Giuseppe Garraffa, 88 - MARSALA (TP)
This is what we will offer you to make your stay in Marsala unforgettable..

Looking out from the romantic balcony you can admire the arch of Garibald i which marks the entrance to the old city.

From here came Garibaldi and the Thousand after the landing on 11 May 1860. At that time it was called "Porta di mare" and together with Porta Nuova, Porta Mazara and Porticella was part of the quadrilateral that bordered the city center. Crossing Porta Garibaldi means entering the heart of Marsala. Because from this entrance that has played a role of great importance in the history of Italy, you will immediately be catapulted into the colors and smells typical of the Marsala tradition.

Shortly after Porta, in fact, on the right there is the back entrance of the fish market, where the most appreciated fish varieties of the Mediterranean coexist with other unfailing representatives of the local gastronomy, that between a form of pecorino, a sandwich with panelle and a piece of pizza rianata, offer their personal welcome. In the evening the charm of the Old Market will amaze you, everything you had seen in the morning, you'll see it transformed into dozens of little places where you can sip good drinks accompanied by good music played live. Live music, you will hear it playing in many other clubs in the alleys of the center, especially during the weekend.

You chose B&B Nonno Gino, you are in a privileged point of the city, remember it!
Just outside, in front of the entrance gate you will find the Museo degli Arazzi. Just around the corner, the Mother Church, Cathedral of Marsala, the Spanish quarter now the town hall, the Garibaldino Museum housed in the monumental complex of San Pietro, the archaeological park, the Sibilla cave and the mosaics of the Roman insula, the ship Punic within the Baglio Anselmi museum.

In Marsala we also offer you sports! Especially those related to the wind, such as kite and windsurfing or sailing.

History! Besides you, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans, Swabians, Angevins, Spaniards and then Garibaldi with his Thousand have passed by!
Another of our strengths is definitely the sea! Clear, transparent and clean, we are "Blue Flag"! The options are 2, if you love fine sand and clear, the beaches that are right for you will find them only traveling 4 km south. There you can choose whether to go to one of the many equipped beaches and rent beach umbrella and sun lounger, or find a piece of beach isolated and stretch out on your towel to remain in total relaxation. From time to time you can find small kiosks where you can quench your thirst, and then bars and restaurants if you want to have a full lunch instead. If you choose the second solution instead, going in the opposite direction, to the north, following the signs for the Natural Reserve of the Stagnone Islands, where they rise Mozia, Isola Grande, Schola, Santa Maria, the picturesque salt flats with the Museum of Sale Ettore Infersa. You can dabble in the practice of one of those sports that we talked about before, you will find schools to conduct kite and windsurf courses, made by certified instructors and excellent level or simply where you can rent canoes, windsurfing or sup. Have a drink on the boat inside the lagoon admiring our magical salt pans, maybe during the sunset. If you have small children, the shallow water and the very mild temperature of the water, make it an ideal place for a swim in peace. In some periods of the year you can even meet the flamingos! This area boasts more than 100 species of birds.

Wine! In addition to the noble Marsala, walking through the center you will find excellent wine bars where you can also taste red and white wines. There are people who produce them with extreme passion and if the thing fascinates you why not visit a winery? Here in Marsala you can also take a guided tour. These are just a few, but all would be worthy of note: Florio, Donnafugata, Pellegrino, Marco de Bartoli, Martinez, Intorcia, Fina.

As in the rest of Sicily, good food is our specialty! Only some of our main dishes: cous cous, matarocco, spaghetti with sea urchins, with cuttlefish ink, busiate with pesto trapanese, fettuccine with seafood, sardines with beccafico, tuna fillet, the inevitable grilled fresh fish just caught where you can really feel the taste of the sea! The sandwich with the panelle, the cunzato bread, the arancine. Among the desserts there are: spagnolette, cappidduzzi, fried iris and the famous cannoli.

What are you waiting for to have fun!
*Declared by the Innkeeper