Via G.b. Niccolini, 9
To single 20 meters from the tourist beach of Salerno and 1 Km from the railway station they centers. Minimal distance of 7 Km from the coastal Amalfitana. We stay at 1, 5 Km from the Hospital S. Giovanni di God and Ruggi Of Aragon. Beyond to an enviable panorama on the wonderful Gulf of Salerno, we offer to our host service of independent bath, independent balcony equipped with table and chairs, change linen, Tv and Air Conditioned, maximum autonomy and space in the access and the escape from the structure. Perfectly it connects to you through means of public transit with massimali waits of 5 minuteren towards all the centers of city and extracity interest. Remarkable and varied it is also the business activity number them present in the zone: Bar, Restaurants, Fast Food (chain American) groceries and supermarket, boutique and storees of apparel, newspaper stands and bookcases. Vicinity is with the Coastal Amalfitana and that with that Cilentana easy raggiungibili through service of marine transport.
Declared by the Innkeeper