Via Della Conciliazione, 112 - MANTOVA (MN)
Hi!! I'm Ricky, I'm six years old and I live in Mantua.

My house is beautiful and it's near the Te gardens. When it's sunny I go to play there with other children and we enjoy a lot because these gardens are very big and I can ride my bike or play football. My mother thought of doing a bed and breakfast in our house: I don't know what it means but my dad explained to me it's like a nest for the birds, always ready for those who come from far and wish to sleep or rest. I'm very happy because when the guest arrive, I bring them to their rooms. My dad painted all the rooms and my mum made the curtains for the windows and the doors. They have prepared everything, even the TV in each room and the have attached to the wall the photos of Mantua. Every morning, when the guest get up, my mother prepares biscuits and cakes on the table even if it' no one's birthday. When they are set to the table, she pours the milk and the coffee and she serves some bread with butter and jam. Sometimes she prepares tea. If there are some children, my mother offers Nutella to smear: however it's false that only children eat Nutella, also adults eat it with some bread!!
*Declared by the Innkeeper