Via Varisana Sopra, 4 - LIPARI (ME)
Casa Gialla farmhouse located in Lipari is a typical example of the traditional Aeolian country farm. Its 8 bedrooms, all supplied with bathroom and balcony, have a view to the sea.

Lunch and diners are served in the yard and the cuisine consists of typical dishes of homegrown vegetables of the Sicilian and Aeolian tradition.

The farmhouse is the ideal start point for hiking lovers. You can have long walks along the breathtaking views of the island, in fact it is close to the most picturesque tracks leading to marvelous landscapes, among olive trees, Indian figs, small palms, arbutus, volcanic rocks, pumices and obsidians, down to the beautiful deep blue sea.

Next to Casa Gialla lies “casa contadina” a museum of ancient tools and curiosities of the ancient farmers’ traditional culture. A long and patient work of collection has been made throughout the years in order to preserve and display the old local rural traditional tools and objects.

The visit is open to the guests and to groups who book the visit in advance.

Meals are served in the familiar and intimate house yard and the cuisine is rich in traditional dishes.

Meals are prepared with homegrown products added with Mediterranean herbs. The atmosphere is magical and the memory of the lovely times spent here with us will remain with you forever.

The Farmer’s culture museum
Here the time has stopped. The visit to the museum will take you back to the old times where hard work and the simplicity of life were the essence of our insular culture.

Groups passing by can have a guided visit to the museum and can have a taste of our local products. Lunch and dinner are also available.

Let yourself delight from our products.

- Capers
- Sun dried tomatoes
- Red or white wine
- Olive Oil
- Vegetables (courgettes, aubergines, tomatoes, potatoes,  onions, garlic, etc.)
- Fruit (citruses, apricots, prunes, figs, prickly pears, grapes, etc.)
- Jams and marmelades (orange, lemon, citron, tangerine, apricot, prune, figs and blackberries)
- Liquors (caper flowers, tangerine, wild fennel, lemongrass, lemon,  bergamot, etc.)
- Biscuits and typical Aeolian cookies.
*Declared by the Innkeeper