Via Milano, 46 - GROSIO (SO)
Welcome to Grosio with B&B Villa Verde!
It is in Valtellina, 12 km from Tirano and 25 km from Bormio
Coming from Tirano, on the left side of the road that leads you to the centre of Grosio, you find the Villa Verde with its beautiful garden.

On the second floor, recently renovated, are four confortable bedrooms for our guests. Three rooms are called violet, rose and hydrangea, each room having the name of the flowers in the garden. Insteat one room is called “mansardina” because it is near the roof and covered with wood. They are spacious and well-lit. The facilities, for each room, include a TV, a new wardrobe, shower, hair dryer equipment and thermostat-controlled heating. One room has also access to a large terrace which looking onto the garden. The breakfast room is conveniently located next to the rooms. In summer, breakfast can also be served in the garden.

It is possible to share the use of a refrigerator and wireless internet, whilst the mezzanine is equipped with brochures, books, magazines, games for all ages and even a telescope for guests interested in astronomy. A terrace solarium is available for our guests.

The parking for 3-4 cars is inside, on the back of the house. The enclosed garage is available for bikes.

The B&B Villa Verde is located in Grosio, near Upper Valtellina, between Bormio and Tirano. It‘s a strategic place for bikers, motorcyclists, skiers; as well as for those who want to spend a relaxing day at the thermal springs in Bormio, or an unforgettable trip on the Bernina red train.

Why choose Grosio for a holiday?
• Grosio is at central position from important turist resort: Bormio, Livigno, S. Caterina, Aprica, Teglio, St. Moritz. Also it is at strategic location for to reach the historical pass of cycling: Mortirolo o passo Foppa, Gavia, Stelvio, Bernina, Aprica, Verva.

• The location is approximately midway between Bormio and Tirano and it is possible within 15 min. to reach the ski slopes, ice-skating rings, the thermal bathing pool and the famous ancient roman thermal baths. Also in 10 min. visit Tirano and catch the red train of the Bernina pass and travel direct to Saint Moritz rising over 2000 m. and passing a fairyland of scenery.

• The antiquity of Grosio together with anthropological history demands recognitions for its prime importance in the Valtellina region.

• The mountain regions, Valgrosina, Valdidentro and Alpi Orobiche culminate at the Mortirolo pass, which offers uncontaminated atmosphere and great satisfaction to enthusiastic bush walkers, mountain climbers, bike riders.

• In Grosio it is possible to visit: the park of rock carvings with medieval castle evidence of continuous inhabitation of this region since prehistoric times. The “Rupe Magna” is the largest example of rock carving in the alpine area. Entry to the park is free, but to fully appreciate the history we recommended a guided tour. The “Villa Visconti Venosta” is a museum and library surrounded by a huge park with a well equipped playground for children. A museum of costumes and one of the uniforms of the Great War. The church of San Giorgio and San Giuseppe.
*Declared by the Innkeeper