Strada De Pala Verda, 5 - VIGO DI FASSA (TN)
I am Nadia, owner of a young family-farm, I cultivate certified organic medicinal plants and produce mainly herbal teas, syrups, natural cosmetics.

We have just finished the construction of our new structure (June 2019), a completly new farmhouse built entirely of wood, wood that can be touched both inside and out!
For the natural materials that have been used in the construction we will be able to certify the "ClimaHotel-Nature" building in addition to the "CasaClima" energy certification.

In all rooms and throughout the structure we have installed the controlled mechanical ventilation system, a mechanism that:
• improves the quality of the indoor air which is cleaned of the odors present;
• eliminates pollutants, the carbon dioxide produced by people, so you live / sleep with the air constantly rich in oxygen.

• reduces excess internal humidity while maintaining the right environmental balance.

All the rooms have a view of our splendid Dolomites, on the first floor they have a balcony of 6 square meters, those on the ground floor have the outdoor living space.

We have 7 rooms in the main structure and the treehouse. Each room has the name and the chromotherapy reference to a plant that we grow: blue / cornflower, intense green/mint, yellow/hypericum (or St. John's wort), violet/mallow, orange/calendula, soft green/lemonbalm, yellow-gray-white/edelweiss, red/monarda.

The rooms are non-smoking.

On the ground floor you will find "the shoes corner", where you can leave your shoes and enjoy our wooden floors with slippers that we will give you (only for adults), and feel immediately relaxed!
The bathrooms have very spacious showers, hairdryers, shower shampoos and soap produced with our organic medicinal plants.

In the rooms there is no television, to give you the opportunity to disconnect from the "city and daily habits" and fully enjoy nature, enjoying our beautiful landscapes!
But if what we propose is perhaps unusual, we have nevertheless set up the wi-fi connection!
Our structure is infact immersed in the meadows with a nearby grove, the bike path just a few steps away from which both easy and slightly more demanding walks start!
Breakfast is made with our products and local products, desserts are made with our wheat flour and buckwheat grown in our fields.

In the evening you can give yourself another moment of relax, sipping one of our herbal teas that you will find on your return from dinner! You will stay in a natural, relaxing setting!
We are 5-8 minutes, on foot, away from the new QC Terme SPA and our customers will get a 10% discount on the admission ticket.

Also the busstop is 3 minutes away from the hotel. In 15-20 minutes you can reach the center of Vigo or Pozza on foot, or in 3-5 minutes by car.

Also the bus-skibus stop is 3 minutes away from the hotel. The nearest ski lifts are about 5-10 minutes away by car: Catinaccio in Vigo and Buffaure in Pozza where you can leave for the famous tour of the 4 passes. With about 15 minutes by car you can reach the lifts of the Carezza area, as well as Lake Carezza, an enchanted and magical place.

The track of Marcialonga for cross-country skiing is right in the adjacent to our structure!
For those who want to try a different emotion, we also have the tree house just a few steps away from the main building!!
Do you have an electric car? You can recharge it, in our parking we have installed a column for charging.

We don’t make lunches or dinners but only breakfasts. Nearby, Vigo and Pozza however there are several restaurants! You can reach them by car (2/3 minutes) or between 5 to 20 minutes walking. We offer the possibility to eat in the breakfast room (in the timetable 7-8. 30 p. m.) with what you buy from the restaurant, shops, supermarket.
*Declared by the Innkeeper