Podere Quarantallino, 97 - BUONCONVENTO (SI)
Quarantallina can be reached via a winding road that offers breathtaking views, following the surrounding hills that change color with each season. Along the way, it is possible to encounter hares, pheasants, deer, hedgehogs, and wild boars, demonstrating that nature is alive and running alongside us.

Upon arrival at the farmhouse, a 360° panoramic view awaits you, along with a beautiful natural garden filled with cypress trees, palms, succulent plants, and a lovely gazebo where it is nice to read, relax, enjoy a good glass of wine, and socialize with other guests on warm summer evenings. There is also a swimming pool equipped with sun loungers for those who love to unwind. And of course, Mario and Serena will welcome you with their sincere smiles.

Mario has an artistic spirit, and the farmhouse garden is adorned with numerous iron sculptures that he himself creates using recycled materials. These sculptures include various characters that stimulate the imagination.

Just 200 meters from the farmhouse, a fence extending over 1 kilometer houses horses, donkeys, and Sienese pigs, who contribute to the liveliness of this beautiful natural setting. Let's not forget the legendary donkey, DJ, who is already well-known to regular guests for the sweet sound he emits every morning upon waking.

The apartments and rooms are primarily furnished in Tuscan style, each one different from the other, with carefully selected furniture and tables from various flea markets and antique shops. There is also a touch of different ethnic influences that bring a beautiful color and warm atmosphere to the spaces.

In the morning, Serena is ready with her rich breakfast of homemade jams, cookies, and cakes, accompanied by tasty cheeses and cured meats typical of our region. Upon request, it is also possible to have dinner, and we highly recommend it because everything is prepared instantly using only fresh local products, and the result is not only visible but also delicious!
Many guests immediately feel at home in Quarantallina.. this is what Mario and Serena desire.. a family atmosphere, where their home is truly open to everyone for any need.

In Quarantallina, some wake up early in the morning to see the sunrise, while others prefer to go for a run or walk or take a bike ride. Some enjoy photography or painting, while others prefer to laze by the pool or wait for the sunset in the evenings. Here in Quarantallina, the sunsets are unforgettable!
Finally, for the more adventurous, we organize horseback rides through fields, valleys, and castles.. it is an experience not to be missed, as I assure you it rejuvenates the soul and body. Along the way, you may encounter pheasants and deer, and if desired, we can stop for a break. We will open a nice tablecloth on a beautiful wheat field and enjoy a lovely picnic together! Even children can ride our horses within the farm, and it is guaranteed fun for them.
*Declared by the Innkeeper