Via Risorgimento, 23 - STENICO (TN)
Located in the heart of Trentino, the B&B Casa Bailo is a place that tells a deeply rooted story in time. This residence, dating back to 1908, was built by the Bailo family, a family from Roncone, in the Val del Chiese. The house has withstood the test of time, witnessing the harsh living conditions of the 19th century and the significant Trentino migration phenomenon.

After the Second World War, Gaetano, the original builder of the house, moved to Brescia, but still retained ownership of the house. This architectural gem has been passed down from generation to generation, touching the lives of many members of the Bailo family, until it became the property of the current owner, Franco Bailo's third daughter, in 2017.

Born in Brescia and partially raised in Stenico, the current owner has always felt a "half-hearted" connection, both to the city and the mountains. It is in this house that she decided to establish roots in 2020, starting the project of transforming the historic Casa Bailo into a Bed & Breakfast.

The B&B Casa Bailo, since 1908, is more than just an accommodation facility; it is a project of hospitality, friendship, warmth, and hospitality, a place where guests can feel at home. With great pride and passion, the owner invites everyone to experience the warm hospitality of Casa Bailo and discover the charm and history of this corner of Trentino.

Welcome to Casa Bailo, your home in the heart of Trentino.
*Declared by the Innkeeper