Via Reggidì, 16 - RIOLUNATO (MO)
Riolunato, a town in the Frignano territory, one of the most beautiful places in the whole Apennine range, is situated in a rather small basin protected by the encircling arm of rugged mountain peaks: Mt Cimone, Mt Cantiere and Cento Croci.

The medieval town centre reflects the glorious past of this Apennine district which witnessed the rise and fall of the notorious Marquis Obizzo of Montegarullo in the history of Frignano.

Next to the town the fast flowing rivers Scoltenna and Rio are found crossed by ancient bridges like the Fola bridge on the road to Pievepelago and the Ponte della Luna leading to the small village of Groppo.

Here you breathe a different kind of air: an enchanted atmosphere where it is easy to dream and believe in the old legends and the amazing stories told by the local inhabitants and even to sing as they do in the well-known local May Day folk festival
*Declared by the Innkeeper