Via San Giuseppe Calasanzio, 134
ATTENTION: Contact us always and only on mobile (0039 - 349. 8492867), also via WhatsApp, for quotes of any kind. Avoid automatic requests, or emails, if you want immediate answers.

The first Bed and Breakfast of this quiet town was born in 2012.

We are 10 minutes from Messina and 10 minutes from Milazzo, right on the Tyrrhenian coast, in the center between the two important cities, without any tourist tax, and a stone's throw from the sea with a splendid sunset over the Aeolian Islands every evening.

We always offer our guests maximum comfort, privacy, elegance and tranquility.

Although 30 meters from the sea we are far from the main road and we are not in a condominium so tranquility and peace will be guaranteed for everyone.

Our rooms are all equipped with private bathroom, air conditioning, LCD televisions up to 40 inches and WI-FI in each room.

PS: since this year, since we do not have smaller and more uncomfortable single rooms, we will always offer singles a double room (most of the time already with a double bed and not a separate one) at the same price as a single room of course.

For double rooms and twin beds, a notice of at least 48 hours before your check-in is required otherwise we will not guarantee the separation of the beds. Our mattresses are in fact all DOUBLE and INSEPARABLE.

Especially in the spring / summer period we prefer to send our customers to have breakfast at the partner bar, by the sea, about 200 meters from our house, so that they have no time limits to make it, they can go there from 6 in the morning or even in the afternoon, and so that they can also take a nice granita with cream and brioche, or if they don't want to do it we make a discount of 5 euros per couple, compared to our full rates, and in any season.

If you prefer, of course, you can also do it at home, most of the time independently, in the common room, or on milder days, in the open air, in our garden or on the veranda, always respecting our schedule, however in this case.

You will always have a fridge with drinks in the common area, and some rooms also have it inside, a coffee machine, herbal teas, tea, chamomiles, milk, nescafe powder, biscuits and various brioches, always available of all and for free, in the common area, at any time of day or night.

Our location is ideal for excursions to neighboring areas of naturalistic and cultural interest such as Milazzo, the Aeolian Islands, the San Rizzo Hills, Dinnamare, Messina and Taormina.

You will have the opportunity to discover one of the most enchanting territories of the splendid island of Sicily.

Summer News: from this year, in addition to offering free beach umbrellas to all our customers, as we have always done so far, we will also offer beach towels, making them pay only for their final washing.

Always open, all year round and at any time.

Reservations are always welcome with a telephone notification before coming to the office, even for a simple view of our rooms, or to get you a quote, in order to avoid not being able to view all our rooms if they were occupied or if we were not present at the office. or are not presentable in any case.

Since the bed and breakfasts are small family-run establishments, there is no reception service available at all times of the day as is the case for hotels, therefore each guest is required to communicate to the owner of the property by telephone the expected arrival time, at least 24 hours before arrival, and for sudden check-ins, without reservation, between 19: 30 and 8: 30 in the morning, we reserve the right to ask you for an extra 10 euros per room, at our discretion.

Any delays in your arrival can be communicated by phone, also by text message or WhatsApp to avoid losing your room or waiting for us on the street.

Maximum discretion and confidentiality with our customers, who are left free to enter and leave our facility with the keys, it is only for this reason that we kindly ask you to settle everything at check in, also leaving them free to check out in complete autonomy, if necessary and on explicit request.

Free transfer for all our customers from the station of our country, or from the neighboring countries possibly, or from the ATM bus stop in Ponte Gallo, up to our A / R office obviously (at any time, and if with the right notice / booking).

Maximum generosity, kindness, availability and flexibility always, to the delight of our customers.

Ample free internal parking for everyone, if you book it and if we have free spaces.

Ability to accommodate small pets ONLY upon specific request and paying a little extra.

In the garden we also have a box for medium / large animals, or restless or long-haired, who obviously will not enter the house but will stay there, subject to a little extra and with due notice / booking.

We will direct you on any daily transfers / excursions to the Aeolian Islands, Etnaland (the famous Sicilian water playground), shopping centers in the area and not, Outlet Village of Agira, to the best local restaurants / pizzerias, also with home deliveries, museums, Our Beautiful CASTLE of Bauso, etc, and, if possible, accompanying you free of charge and directly to the A / R office if we have the possibility.

Ditto for discounted eco-bike rentals (electric bicycles) starting from 50 Cent per hour and / or Mountain Bike and / or car rentals starting from 25 Euro per day + VAT. We will advise and help you on everything. You only need to ask..

Declared by the Innkeeper