Via Giovanni Maria Angioy, 18 - CAGLIARI (CA)
The B&B Angioy 18 is located in the center of Cagliari, a few steps from Largo Carlo Felice and from Via Roma, in one of the most strategic points of the city; in fact it represents the ideal starting point for those who decide to spend a few days in the city and is suitable both for travelers who travel using public transport, and for those who want to explore the city on foot but also for travelers who have a car available.. Despite being located in the heart of the city, the street and the particular position of the building make the rooms of the B&B particularly quiet; one of the most frequent compliments that guests give us regards the quality of sleep, due to the general quiet and the beds, chosen with particular care.

The B&B is located on the third floor of a prestigious building from the early 1900s, equipped with a historic lift with a wooden cabin, which is still fully functional.

B&B Angioy 18 offers a few rooms, all with the characteristic of being spacious and particularly bright, a rather rare quality in the historic center; a not inconsiderable aspect is the height of the ceilings, reaching almost 5 meters, which makes the rooms even more spacious.

The structure has been designed with extreme care, the renovation has followed the lines of minimalism, with the aim of highlighting the most important qualities of the apartment: the original floors, decorated with tiles mainly in shades of black and white, patterned, high ceilings and natural brightness.

An attempt was therefore made to combine the classic aspects of an apartment from the early 1900s with the more modern ones, for example by reusing the original doors in the rooms intended for the bathrooms or as doors for built-in wardrobes.

All these features, together with a very accurate breakfast, make our B&B the ideal place for a couple's holiday in a quiet and reserved environment. A perfect starting point for those who choose to stay in Cagliari to enjoy its many attractions, places of historical and cultural interest, food and wine tours and a base for exploring the beautiful beaches of southern Sardinia.
*Declared by the Innkeeper