Corte Manfredi, 5 - ALESSANO (LE)
What are "corte" houses? They are ancient and humble dwellings in Salento consisting usually of one or two rooms. They are called "corte" because they are united and linked by a single external space, called "corte", where the main activities of life used to take place. In every "corte" there was always a well (from which to extract water) and a stone washbasin (basin) where women washed clothes. Several families even lived in each dwelling of the "corte"! Today, these humble homes with their typical barrel or corner/star vaults, stone chimneys and beautiful mosaics have been expertly restored.

A modern design has completed the restoration, making Corte Manfredi a unique structure of its kind. Corte Manfredi is therefore a luxury residence in the historic center of Alessano, an ancient Salento village. The old farmhouses have been transformed into luxurious suites with every comfort. In addition to the common courtyard, there is also a terrace where breakfast (not included in the stay) is served, equipped with a small outdoor pool and a solarium.

The 5 independent rooms (5A, 5B, 6A, 6B, 7B) all overlook the common courtyard. Each room has its own peculiarities in terms of furnishings (as can be seen from the photos), but the common thread that unites them is the same: 19th century structure, antique and designer furnishings. And above all, all the rooms have the same characteristics in terms of comfort, accessories and services. All are equipped with a bathroom with shower, one (6B) also has a beautiful bathtub. Some details determine the differences in prices.

By booking a Luxury Double Room, a room will be assigned at random between 6A or 7B, without a bathtub. In case of requests for a specific room between the two, based on availability, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Room 5B, on the other hand, is a triple room, characterized by a very large anteroom with a comfortable sofa bed.

Room 6B, in addition, has a unique and particular infinity bathtub, not a whirlpool, much requested for a romantic couple's vacation.

By booking the Standard Double Room, the room 5A will be assigned, distinguishable from the others for the antique mosaic floor.

Corte Manfredi is the ideal solution for a couple's vacation.

Free public parking is available less than a minute's walk from the property.

Although representing the ideal solution for a couple's vacation, for families it is possible to connect adjacent rooms recreating a unique environment for 4-5 people.

For those who want even more space and the use of the kitchen, Corte Manfredi offers its Suite (with exclusive use of kitchen and terrace and completely independent access) (request and price separately).

Finally, it is possible to rent the entire structure in complete privacy (to be requested separately).
*Declared by the Innkeeper