Strada Nazionale, 5 - CANNOBIO (VB)
Ca Meison, an ancient dwelling dating back to 1893, is a unique architectural treasure by the lake, with a "chalet" style exterior. This charming villa was discovered in the 80s by grandmother Marisa, who fell deeply in love with it and chose it as a destination for her summer vacations. Later, in the 2000s, Ca Meison became the residence of mother Carola and her family.

After many years, we embarked on an unusual journey to restore Ca Meison to its former glory. With the help of renowned decorator Vincenzo Tipaldi and his team, we have restored the original decorations and colors of the façade, discovering with surprise the presence of the phoenix symbol, representing resilience. Furthermore, thanks to architect and upholsterer Roberto Aina, we have given new life to the furnishings, masterfully crafted in his renowned workshop.

The name Ca Meison is a tribute to mother Carola, affectionately nicknamed Ca, while Meison means "house" in Piedmontese dialect. This three-story villa overlooks the lake and offers a spacious garden and a private beach. Breakfasts can be enjoyed in our bright veranda, adjacent to the common lounge.

Cà Meison offers 6 finely furnished rooms with style and love, each with its own identity and uniqueness. We are proud to be an environmentally conscious and sustainable establishment, promoting eco-sustainability. To achieve this vision, we have installed solar panels, use organic and local hygiene products, have created a vegetable garden, and exclusively source local raw materials. Additionally, we have a purification system to ensure high-quality drinking water.

Please note that at Cà Meison, we do not accept pets and do not accommodate children under the age of 11. All rooms and indoor common areas of the villa are reserved for non-smokers. Currently, due to the historical characteristics of the property, we are not accessible to disabled individuals and do not have an elevator.
*Declared by the Innkeeper