Via Degli Orti, 17a
Oasi is organized with independent apartments inside a private building with an independent entrance.

The apartments are composed by a hall with kitchen - living room, a bathroom with shower, large rooms with 2 / 4 / 6 beds. The access is independent from a private gate. The apartments, of new construction, are equipped with comfort typical of an hotel of high leve.

Oasi is in Arese centre, situated very near to the New Pole Fair of Milan, perfect for temporary or extend stays, good also for families with sons who want to spend a period of holyday or business in Milan. With Oasi you can realize of having a second home.

"Self-Contained". Rent your apartment at "Oasi di Milano". Breakfast can be prepared by yourselves. Food provided. "Oasi", a new instrument for the III° millenium Italy, assumes the meaning of promotion and increases the value of the territory, but it’s particular just for one reason: you can enter as a guest and you will exit as a friend!
Declared by the Innkeeper