Via P.f. Calvi, 51 - MANTOVA (MN)
What does the 1 Stile B&B have to offer? My expertise as an art historian and the love I have for my hometown. The reception style of the Bed and Breakfast is based on advice to appreciate it to the fullest. This is why I thought of a "bridge of words" with our territory made up of forays into history, explorations into art, but also real bites to the Mantuan gastronomic culture.

After so much wandering through the narrow streets of the historic center, I propose a little rest in your room: for you I have imagined a welcoming space with antique furniture, master paintings, beautiful colors: as if you were at home, because I would like so you felt.

My experience as an art historian and gallerist is renewed here with temporary exhibitions of works by valid Mantuan artists, in the common areas of the b & b: installations that favor the knowledge and promotion of our culture for the benefit of guests passing through a city that is rightly perceived as a city of art.

Each room overlooks the art gallery so you can enjoy the works on display from a privileged point of view. This means that you cannot smoke and keep a low tone of voice so as not to disturb the rest of the other guests. The property does not have televisions
*Declared by the Innkeeper