Via Albereta, 19 - FOLLONICA (GR)
The B&B Sleep was established in 2016 in Follonica as a result of the owners' project, which gave life to their personal, creative and innovative vision of living and life in a place. The aim is to change the traditional concept of tourist stays and B&B as a temporary stopover, inviting guests to immerse themselves in private and social spaces and in the atmosphere that is breathed, creating unforgettable emotions and memories.

ART + DESIGN + STAY. Sleep's philosophy combines three elements: art, design and the culture of hospitality, to create a new and original concept that aims for continuous research and discovery, exploring the surrounding urban and social fabric and spaces. Each detail and furnishing accessory is carefully curated to give a unique and modern style that tells a story at every glance: where a pillow becomes a work of art. The innovation and artistic experimentation, which have always played a primary role in the lives of the owners, will give life and transform each environment into a true exhibition space through the contamination of works of art, created by Italian artists with different styles and backgrounds. Sleep wants to break down the static nature of the walls by giving them a soul. Sleep does not follow rules. Sleep with us.
*Declared by the Innkeeper