Via Giovanni Paolo II, - CAPRACOTTA (IS)
Welcome to our family-run guesthouse, where you will receive a warm welcome and plenty of hospitality in a comfortable and well-maintained environment to make you feel at home.

We are located in Capracotta, a village in the Molise region that, at 1,421 meters above sea level, is one of the highest in the Apennines. In addition to being a natural paradise for winter sports, hiking, and horseback riding, Capracotta is a charming and inspiring place that has already impressed illustrious figures such as the philologist Francesco d'Ovidio and the famous author Ernest Hemingway. In his masterpiece "A Farewell to Arms," Hemingway mentions a chaplain from Capracotta who speaks with emotion about the high Molise village, where "It was forbidden to play the flute at night. When the young men serenaded, only the flute was forbidden."
*Declared by the Innkeeper