Via Della Guardia, 35 - TRIESTE (TS)
The Trieste Traveler is located a 5-minute walk from the San Giusto Castle and a 15-minute walk from the center of Trieste.

We are in the San Giacomo neighborhood, a historic and lively district in picturesque Trieste. A breakfast at the tables of Campo San Giacomo is a must before diving into the alleys that lead to the city center.

Our apartments are located in a beautiful late 19th-century building and have recently been restored.

My partner and I have just moved to Trieste to embark on this new adventure. We are passionate about food and wine, so we can't wait to give you some tips on good wine and cuisine.

Via della Guardia 35 is located slightly off-center from the center of Trieste but is easily accessible on foot.

The area is served by buses, taxis, shops of all kinds, supermarkets, bars, pubs, wine bars, and restaurants.

Languages spoken: Italian, English, and Spanish. We can manage with French..
*Declared by the Innkeeper