L'Ariosa is our home in a place we chose to be able to finally live quietly after having lived and worked for many years in a hotel on lake Garda.

We called it l'Ariosa after the dance that closes the carnival in Bagolino: a big round dance where all the dancers say goodbye after the festivity.

The B&B is in a very peaceful area at 700 metres on the level of the sea, on the hills that circle lake Idro in the pre-alps between the Alto garda and Adamello-dolomiti di Brenta natural parks.

The environment and nature that are around us are our greatest wealth. We installed solar panels to make hot water, photovoltaic panels to make electricity, a geothermal plant for heating and a constructed wetland to treat our waste.

We have opened our home to guests offering hospitality and sharing our way of life. COVIS 19
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There is an air of spring and there are rumors that for this summer we will be able to return to welcome in our B&B.

How are we preparing to have guests safely back to our home?
We are equipping ourselves with an ozone device that allows us to sanitize your rooms in an ecological and natural way before the check-in.

Breakfast will be served in the room and we will provide a kettle with tea and herbal teas and an espresso machine in each room.

If we are given new safety guidelines, we will apply them scrupulously.

Arrivederci da Rosangela e Raffaele
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