Piazza Parini, 2 - PUSIANO (CO)
According to the new regulations on energy-saving during the energy crisis, starting from October 22nd, the heating will be activated up to a maximum of 19 degrees.

The Veronelli family's residence is located in the historic center of Pusiano, in a large and ancient courtyard typical of the area where other families also live in a peaceful and sharing environment.

A few meters from the house, you can reach the lake shore to admire its light with sunrises and sunsets that have enchanted poets and painters in the past, including Giuseppe Parini and Giovanni Segantini.

The beauty of the lake, the geographical position of Pusiano located in the Lambro Valley Park and bordering the nearby Lake Segrino Park in the Lariano Triangle, and its Prealps offer B&B Leon d'Oro tourists a wide range of tourist and sports opportunities, particularly canoeing, kayaking, paragliding, cycling and hiking, climbing, etc.

A bit of history.

Leon d'Oro was the name of the hotel that was once located in the courtyard and whose existence is documented between 1760 and the end of the 19th century, during the period of maximum splendor of the nearby Beauharnais Palace (15th-19th century), built by the Carpani marquises and currently the seat of cultural and educational activities and for some years also the municipality of Pusiano. Between 1805 and 1814, the palace was the prerogative of the viceroy Eugenio Beauharnais, who perfected the creation of the Italian garden still preserved.

The wrought iron sign of the ancient hotel is still preserved on the facade and is included in the bed and breakfast logo.

The choice of this name wanted to recreate an ideal connection with the tradition of hospitality of the structure.
*Declared by the Innkeeper