Vocabolo Chiorano, 12
Corte Buenavista. Reign of the landscape, of quietness, of harmony.

A small village on top of a hill in Chiorano, nearby Magliano Sabina, at the boundary between Lazio and Umbria.

Corte means "small square", that is the common space shared by several houses, ours and yours, according to a thousand-year old tradition.

Buenavista is linked to the extraordinary landscape one enjoys from this special site: the view stretches over kilometers of hills, mountains, woods, farmed fields and ancient centers spread all over the territory. A sort of fresco of an ancient, authentic, territory, made of Nature and a slow, centuries-old work of Man.

Relaxing glimpses during the whole day, during all seasons.

The word Buenavista signifies also the Latin component of our family, that since over thirty years lives here, and here has carried out a project of high quality touristic hospitality. People who have travelled throughout the world, carried our documentaries and complex geographical explorations, and nevertheless keep considering and living this place as one of the most beautiful of our Planet.

The old Corte was composed of a few houses facing the common space, now refurbished into 4 comfortable high-efficiency apartments. They are all different from each other and may be used either singularly or together, covering all sorts of needs.
Declared by the Innkeeper