Via Roma, 14 - LUCCA (LU)
Sleeping In Centro Storico is sleeping in Lucca CHARM
Lucca CHARM is the exclusive, romantic and welcoming Affittacamere - B&B in the heart of the historic center of Lucca.

Endrio and Vanessa will be pleased to welcome you and welcome you to the 1st Floor of a prestigious building from 1200 where Lucca CHARM makes its location its strength, being positioned between the very central Piazza Napoleone, Piazza S. Michele and Via Fillungo.

It is so easy to visit the city with all its artistic and cultural heritage, the Museums (The birthplace of Maestro G. Puccini, Villa Guinigi, Palazzo Pfanner, Palazzo Mansi, Lu. cca) and take a relaxing walk along the perimeter of the splendid and historic medieval walls, observe Lucca from the top of the Guinigi Tower or enter the magical Piazza Anfiteatro.

The proximity (approx. 300 m) with the city's clinics, M. D. Barbantini and S. Zita, makes Lucca Charm particularly suitable for stays for future patients (pre / post admission) and for family members who assist them.

Located along the Via Francigena, Lucca CHARM is also ideal for the rest of pilgrims who reach Rome.

The 4 rooms are furnished in "classic Lucchese style", comfortable and decorated in pastel colors, equipped with essential amenities such as: en-suite bathroom (or in front of the same but private), free wireless internet, air conditioning (in 2 rooms).

It is possible to visit Lucca also in conjunction with the countless international level events taking place in our city, such as: Lucca Comics and Games (1st Week End of November), Lucca Summer Festival (every year in July), the Lucca Film Festival Europa Cinema (April) in addition to the major performances of the operas by Maestro Giacomo Puccini.

You just have to book, because we, we look forward to meeting you!
*Declared by the Innkeeper