Via Allende, 19 - BOSA (OR)
Situated at 2 km from the sea, this B&B boasts a location in a new, two floor, south-pointing building, along Temo river, downhill of the medieval village called “Sacosta”, where still stands the Castle of Malaspina (XII century).

The house is characterized by a very relaxing atmosphere, there is WiFi Internet connection, and parking possibility. There are 3 double rooms, of which 2 with private bathroom. Sa Domo ‘e Madalena, situated near the historical center, will give you useful information to visit the city, do your shopping in typical, handcraft stores and enjoy your time in Bosa.

The town of Bosa has much more to offer, along with its ancient monuments and museums. Some examples? Tasteful, gastronomical stops in its characteristic taverns and inns where you can enjoy local specialties of the Region. Now, what about the sea? The main beaches can be easily reached within 2 km from the B&B. The coast is rich of numerous small bays and coves of unparalleled beauty. Just don’t forget to visit the interland. Be ready for breathtaking views!
*Declared by the Innkeeper