Via Versiliana Carducci (GiĆ  Via Fonda), 5
Going up from the village of Terrinca of Stazzema, High Versilia, towards Pian di Lago, under the imposing towers of Monte Corchia, near the park of the Alpi Apuane, meet our B & B, Gatto Apuano, a beautiful house surrounded by chestnut trees, medicinal plants and fruit trees.

Our inn, family-run, at an altitude of about 800 meters, in a beautiful setting that ranges from the sea to the peaks of the Apuan Alps, is the ideal place for relaxing walks and walks, for a true contact with the environment and with the traditions of the mountain.

They are the real beauty, the rhythm of time that flows slowly and naturally in this enchanted place, which will allow you to come into contact with harmony and to express the most authentic and creative side of yourself.

The house is large and spacious, is accessible by car, equipped with parking (with night lighting, timed) and has 4 rooms with bathroom.

It is about 25 minutes from the coast of Versilia.
Declared by the Innkeeper