Via Marongiu, 28 - BANARI (SS)
Every corner of the B&B S'Asilo presents some furnishing accessories that capture the attention and that would require a story.

While having breakfast we overlook a beautiful garden that offers a view of the valley: all the senses will be involved and awakened. Bunches of grapes are intertwined on the arbor and the garden is full of fragrant fruit trees, flowers and plants taked care with the same dedication with which the interiors have been designed: a perfect union between the ancient and the modern.

Having breakfast in this space, and breathing the smells of this land, is the best way to start the day.

The B&B S'Asilo in Banari offers different services. The warm hospitality of the owners, the excellent value for money and professionalism are the characteristics that distinguish it. A comfortable environment that guarantees a pleasant and relaxing stay for all guests.

The structure is made with red trachyte and wood, faithfully restored by skilled master craftsmen. The available rooms (Giocolieri, Aquiloni and Carillon) have private bathrooms, they are welcoming, spacious and comfortable. They are furnished with care in the smallest details and characterized by particular colors. You can enjoy your stay in an unusual place that offers its guests an atmosphere full of emotions.
*Declared by the Innkeeper