Via Campania, 101
From the name of the Spartan founder of the city of Taranto, the ancient Taras, the only city in the world founded by the Spartans in 706 B. C., between sea and history, at the gates of the city and near the beginning of the Salento coast, the Phalanthos Taranto is an elegant and modern structure equipped with all the comforts to make your stay in the spartan city unique.

Adjacent to the remains of the ancient Greek defensive walls, the Phalanthos Taranto is located a few steps from the commercial area of ??Viale Liguria, the Court, the University, the Chamber of Commerce and the ancient Necropolis and about ten minutes from the Borgo Umbertino.

An ideal place in which to feel at home and from which to discover the precious testimonies of Taranto: an incredible journey through space and time between archaeological parks, hypogea, monuments, museums, food and wine, crystal clear sea and golden beaches and beautiful landscapes of the entire Ionian province.
Declared by the Innkeeper