Piazza Arsenale, 6 - VERONA (VR)
Just next to the Austrian arsenal dedicated to Franz Joseph I, that hosted the troops of the Famous Marshal Radetzky, the building where the B&B "Arsenal Suites" is located appears as a small treasure preserved by the passing of time, in the midst of modern buildings that surround it.

This is what struck me when I first saw that gate, beyond which I could have a glimpse to a garden from another time and a stunning Liberty style house.

Here I wanted my rooms. I created them associating the history of this house with modern technologies (each room is provided with domotics system, keypads with numeric code for access to the B&B and to the rooms without actual keys).

I want my guests feel at home, surrounded by every comfort, but at the same time feel the charm of old times, that type of charm that only a city like Verona can give.

They can spend peaceful nights far from the noise of the city, but then, right outside the gate of our house in Piazza Arsenale, they will find themselves in front of the extraordinary Castel Vecchio Bridge. Just on the other side of this bridge they will arrive in one of the best parts of Verona city centre, which in few steps will lead them to Arena
*Declared by the Innkeeper