Via Nazionale, 136 - CORIGLIANO CALABRO (CS)
The reception in the B&B Lasso is our watchword and is not limited only to our bedrooms, designed to ensure maximum comfort, but extends to a much broader concept of hospitality. In fact, our B&B offers its guests common areas such as the kitchen, to turn your stay into a quiet domestic perspective, a large living room and, finally, our wonderful terrace where you can relax enjoying the pleasure of the outdoors. Our B&B is also strategically framed in the urban reality of Corigliano Calabro, on the central Via Nazionale. It offers its customers immediate access to a hot table, a supermarket, a tobacconist and various shops, but without the inconvenient inconvenience of the parking space, as there is a convenient private parking. Choosing B&B Lasso is synonymous with hospitality, relaxation and a different view of your stay, ideal for those who are traveling for work, for family reasons, or simply to enjoy a well-deserved vacation.
*Declared by the Innkeeper