Via Goriano Valle, 6
You will be "guests" in a splendid 15th century palace, Palazzo Alferi, and we are located in one of the 4 quarters in which the is divided L’AQUILA, the Santa Giusta “fourth”, just behind the homonymous basilica.

In this corner of the city we live and we wold like guest you, to make you taste the "scent" of time, that scent that also makes a wounded place, an immortal place!

In a natural setting that sees it on the Gran Sasso slopes and surrounded by 3 National Parks and a Regional one, L'Aquila is a Middle Age City full of surprises. The long process of reconstruction following the earthquake (06 April 2009) continues and every month little spaces of this splendid city come back to light.

The official history of its foundation mingles with that of legends and mysteries, Templar and constellations, extraordinary characters such as Frederick II and Celestino V.

Founding the city were the castles of the district and in memory of this event in 1272 was built the fountain of the “99 Cannelle”.

From Piazza Duomo, from which we are only 150m away, there are roads and little streets with some typical shops and restaurants that convey that medieval austerity made of imposing buildings, important portals. Costa Masciarelli, immediately below us, connects the exterior of the hold city, that is the current historical center, still surrounded by medieval walls, to Piazza Duomo.

Just crossed one of the city hold gates that preserves the emblem of the city, you get to the Basilica of Collemaggio, which, in addition to the many signs left on the floor that refer to the Templar tradition, boasts 3 records: the first Holy Door of history, the only Holy Door to the world that opens every year and the only church that has seen the coronation of a pope, Celestino V, outside the Vatican.

Then you have to visit the Basilica of S. Bernardino, the greatest baroque example in L'Aquila, the Castle, majestic fortress built in the sixteenth century by the Spanish to punish the citizens of L'Aquila, Piazza Palazzo, with one of the “towers with clock” much old in Italy and the only other Madama palace together with the Senate Seat in Rome.

Apart from the architectural jewels, the city offers a wide range of activities and excursions in the surroundings, including castles and middle age villages, caves and nature reserves, mountain walks in summer and winter, ski resorts, canoe trips on the river more clean of Europe, the “wolf” visit center, and many events related to music, theater and art.
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