Strada Del Galoppatoio 20, 20 - PINEROLO (TO)
The manor-house “Il Torrione” near Pinerolo, was built in the neoclassic style on a project of the XIX century by an architect of the Royal Savoy Family: Xavier Kurten (autograph project of 1835) and is situated in a romantic and splendid green park.

A charming course of elegant country roads, beginning with a long boulevard of Hornbeams and leading to the vast main lawn in front of the Villa, enclosed by kilometres of walls and extending to the south, as far as a wide and mysterious lake. Sights, large spaces, tall trees: Hornbeams, Lime-trees and some specimens of Liriodendron, Ginkgo, Pine and Fir trees, Cedars, Cypresses, Libocedars, Criptomeries, Magnolias and other valuable botanical species, like the wonderful collection of Hydrangee, adding year in year out to its wealth of new and rare varieties.
*Declared by the Innkeeper