Via Sforza Caolzio, 3 - CASTELL'ARQUATO (PC)
Ancient luxury palace in the middle-ages heart of Castell'Arquato on placentian hills, inside of which there are elegant design rooms, a romantic suite chipped as a precious rock in a suggestive small tower with a breathless view on the village and another splendid and charming suite hold to the sky you may touch with your finger in the huge solarium dipped in silence and in clouds perfume.

In every room guests will find a glamorous and warm environment with plenty of comfort.

For those who would like to enjoy an unforgettable wine and food experience, they can discover traditional perfumes and tastes in the inn located on the ground floor of the palace.

Castell’Arquato, one of the most beautiful middle-ages sites of Italy, village of lovers, Orange flag of the Touring Club, is a magic place out of time where tradition, art, culture, food and wine get together in a suggestive place of elegance and relax.

Far away from crowd and stress, laying on gorgeous green hills, the village offers a heart rich of art, culture and music events.

A sweet stay with lovely relax, nature, sport, history, tourist visits in historical towns and archeological sites, luxury shopping, and unforgettable wine and culinary experiences.

Il Palazzo is located in the magic atmosphere on the top of the village, surrounded by ancient silence rich of its mysteries on the panoramic middle-ages square close to the Visconti’s Rock and the Cathedral.
*Declared by the Innkeeper