Via Cesare Cantù, 59 - TRIESTE (TS)
A house is not just a building, our house certainly is not. It is a place of rest, a place where to stop, surrounded by greenery and silence, a place where to bring order to emotions experienced during the day. It's where you can slow down and develop what has been lived, reflect and remember and because of a nature that is intimate and peaceful, turn on events in simple experience.

To do this you need to feel accepted and yet have space where enjoy your solitude, have smiles available and yet corners of silence, opportunities for dialogue but also a reassuring certainty of discretion. The rooms that welcome you have been furnished with the intent to make you enjoy the right light and the most restful shadows serving the welfare of everyone
As first there is a free private parking available in the area of property.

The accommodation for guests consists of three double bedroom with private bathroom and one mini apartment with a room with double bed or two twin beds + room with one single bed + private bathroom. All air conditioned the rooms are on the first and second floor of the villa where we occupy the top floor.
*Declared by the Innkeeper